“It is clear to me that Rose has what it takes to excel at reporting.”

“You are intrepid, energetic, and well organized. You are willing to take on unfamiliar material and talk to strangers. You are willing to hunt for prospective sources in pursuit of news… I have no doubt that you will find sources revealing things to you that they would not tell another journalist. This is not a small matter. It’s a major asset.”

Professor David Hajdu

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism


Whether it’s print, television, or anything in between, reporting is where my heart lies. As an intern at NBC News, I pitched and reported three solo by-line stories, and (in the words of one of my professors) “broke new ground in health reporting”.

My ‘insider’s perspective’ on the world of healthcare means:


+ Impeccable – and Insightful – Sources

With two decades in the industry, my network of medical contacts is impressive. And even when I’m meeting a source for the first time, my ‘in the trenches’ background makes them more likely to open up to me and share candid insights.


+ Next-Level Research

With so many years spent immersed in medical journals, I’m comfortable reading scientific papers. Even more importantly, I’m skilled at translating complex ideas into easy to understand language.


+ Nuanced Stories

The best medical reporting does not happen in isolation – it’s built on a sophisticated understanding of concepts like the patient journey, professional duties, public health, the scientific method, healthcare bureaucracy – even anatomy and physiology… all issues which I’ve ‘lived and breathed’ my whole career.

Two decades ‘on the inside’ gives me incomparable access, 
understanding and insights into the healthcare issues that matter most.


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